TBM Bomb Bay Doors

TBM Radio Operator Seat

Martin Fabric Clip STC

Used to secure fabric to metal ribs in wings and control surfaces. Replaces rib-stitch cord or P-K screws. Provides a more secure and streamlined installation. Drastically reduces covering time. Easily adapts to homebuilts with metal ribs.

Available thru Aircraft Spruce.

Hinz Filter

One of our innovations, named after Don Hinz, is a unique bypass oil filter to detect if the aircraft’s engine is starting to “make metal”. The bypass oil filter’s sensors will alert the pilot to an engine problem.

Mustang Prop Blade STC

Mustang and T6 Tail Wheels


Superboom is not just a streamlined boom, but an airfoil boom constructed of extruded Aluminum. It puts the laws of physics to work for you. Superboom provides improved economics and handling not possible with standard or streamlined booms.

Aryres S2R (Thrush) Aileron Servo STC

These servo tabs provide for increased roll response with lighter inputs reducing pilot fatigue. FAA/PMA certified and sold in kit form. Easy installation.

P51-A Engine Mount

Radiator Door

P51 Fabric Elevator

Clam Shell Door

P51-A Header Tank

P51-A,B,C,D and K Fuselage