We come from an Ag and GA background. We would enjoy working with you on your project, be it large or small. Whether it be tube and fabric or wood construction, anything really.  We have the collective experience and skill to see your dream fly.

Loiu-IV (N51TK)

Rebuild after forced landing

Dakota Kid (N151HR)

Complete Restoration. New Fuselage and doghouse F.F. 05/1997

Grim Reaper (N26PW)

Complete Restoration F.F. 09/1999

Tuskegee Airmen (P-51C)

Ground up restoration: Wings by Odegaard Wings. Visit to see the fantastic work they do.

City of Winnipeg Sqdn. one of "The Horsemen" demonstration team departs for the Jones Beach Air Show.

City of Winnipeg Sqdn. (N63476, 44-63476)

Complete restoration with help from Midwest Aero/ Odegaard Aviation F.F. 07/2002 Previously operated by the Hoursemen now repainted as Quityerbitchin

Passion Wagon (N151JT, 44-63577)

Repair fuselage to tailcone production joint.

Daddy's Girl (N20MS, 44-63807)

Rebuild fuselage / tailcone / tail feathers. Many parts by Midwest Aero

Upupa Epops (N732FH, 44-72364)

Rebuild fuselage / tailcone / doghouse. Many parts by Clares Aviation.

E Plurbus Unam (N155TB, 44-73142)

Tailcone rebuild Horizontal and 1 elevator

Checker Tail Clan (N1451D, 44-742446)

Fuselage / tailcone rebuild N51U Passion Wagon

Dazzling Donna (N151RJ, 44-74404)

Doghouse / horizontal / elevator / vertical / rudder. Wings by Odegaard wings.

Donna-Mite (N6327T, 44-74417)

Repair lower tailcone skin

Barbara Jean (N10607, 44-74466)

Rebuild after forced landing. 8/2007 dual control installation.

Sweet Revenge (N68JR, 44-72051)

Engine change 4/2007 maintenance dual control installation.

Glamorous Glenn III (N3333E, 44-63893)

Dual control installation.

Cripes A’ Mighty (N6301T, 44-74813)

Many ribs and skins provided for restoration by Midwest Aero.

Slender Tender Tall (51DT, 44-74950)

Ribs and skins provided for repair from damage from 4 seat conversion.

Crazy Horse (N851D, 44-84745)

Tailcone and parts provided for repair.

Unnamed (VH-MFT, A68-110)

Major repair on fuselage.

Boomer (N94384, 44-74832)

Ground up restoration. Wings and final assembly by Odegaard Wings. Fuselage / tailcone / horizontal / elevators / vertical / scoop / doghouse

Gun Fighter (N5428V, 44-73264)

New elevators and tailcone repair.

Millie G (N151W, 44-14985)

New fuselage, tailcone, horizontal, vertical, elevators, doghouse and aft duct.

My Sweet Mary Lou (N8677E, 44-74865)

Repair tail section after blown into fence 8/2006

Sweet and Lovely (N451D, 44-73279)

CNew fuselage and tailcone

Little Horse (N51PE, 45-11586)

Ground up restoration. Wings by Odegaard Wings.
vertical / horizontal / aft doghouse / doghouse

Twilight Tear (N251L, 44-63864

Complete Restoration. Wings by Odegaard Wings. Flown out of Tri-State Aviation to Fagen Fighters assisted by Air Corps aviation for final details. Oshkosh 2011 Grand Champion.

Precious Metal II

Scratch built P-51A from production drawings. Wings by Odegaard Wings

A6M2 Model 21 Zero

Completed at Tri-State Aviation from Blade Corporation Canada. An honest restoration. This is not a replica it is the real deal. Now owned by Texas Flying Legends Museum.

Seafury WJ288

3350 engine conversion. Restored from 5 crates of parts. Now owned by Confederate Airforce Memphis.