Metal Forming and Shaping

Custom sheet panel fabrication services, the right solution to deteriorated, rusted or destroyed sheet panels to fit any application and match any contour. For applications such as antique car restoration, aviation, architectural metal our staff of classically trained, artisan metal craftsman are the right solution.


You can bring us as little as a napkin sketch or as much as completed tooling to use in our equipment. Anyone is welcome, from inventors, restorers, and engineers to a company simply in need of a custom part. Our completely outfitted fabrication shop and talented staff are ready for your project.

Short-Run Manufacturing

For urgent part fabrication and small-scale runs, where production volumes are low and do not merit the development of permanent production tooling, Tri-State is the right partner to have in your corner. We are here to help when the costs of long-run production become uneconomical.
In addition to our short-run parts manufacturing services, TSA offers sub-assembly as well. If your project requires more than one part, we are your assembly partner.

Surface Finishes

Repair of existing as well as new finishes including the application of design elements.

  • Surface Preparation
  • Powder Coating
    capacity to handle single part, production as well as large-object (complete vehicle) economically.
  • Polishing
  • Painting

CNC Machining

In addition to traditional lathe and mill equipment, Tri-State Aviation is capable of large-size component part fabrication on a production scale to meet your needs. You can bring us anything from a sketch of what you have in mind, all the way to turn-key tooling and cutting path information.

  • Horizontal CNC Lathe – Haas SL 20
  • Vertical CNC Mill – Haas VF-3
  • Vertical CNC Mill – Bridgeport 10″ x 23″

Hydro Forming

With our high-pressure hydraulic press, coupled with precision tooling hydro forming by Tri-State Aviation is an economical source for rigid formed metal panels.
Manufactured to tight tolerances with rigid materials our process of hydro forming produces panels with a superior smoother finish as well as significantly less thinning than traditional press forming.

Stretch Forming

Forming large curved panels for such applications as fuselage, wing skin and architectural components stretch forming is the desired method of metal forming.
With years of experience in producing distortion free parabolic curved shapes, Tri-State Aviation is your source for stretch forming metal panel fabrication for aircraft, architectural and naval applications.


We are capable of welding all types of metals, standard and exotic:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Thermoplastics
  • Cast iron
  • Mild steel
  • Magnesium