P51 Mustang Restoration & Repair

picture of plane

picture of plane

Tri-State Aviation has the most experience, parts and talent available to restore/repair your Mustang from original specifications.


AN 01-60JE-4 P51D, TF-51D and F-51K Parts Catalog

AN 01-60JE-2 P51D P51-K and Mustang IV Erection and Maintenance Instructions

P-51A Parts Catalog

P-51A Maintenance Instructions

If we don’t have it, we can make it. Give us a call.

General Aircraft Restoration & Repair

We come from an Ag and GA background. We would enjoy working with you on your project, be it large or small. Whether it be tube and fabric or wood construction, anything really.  We have the collective experience and skill to see your dream fly.

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picture of plane