• Tri-State Aviation

    Founded by the late Gerry Beck in 1974 and located in Wahpeton, North Dakota, Tri-State Aviation, Inc. (TSA) is a company that, among many other talents, specializes in restoring P-51 Mustangs

Our Services

Tri-State Aviation (TSA) provides a full array of aircraft maintenance, repair and restoration services as well as a diverse offering of machine shop services to industries such as agriculture, aerospace, architecture and engineering.

Our Capabilities

  • A & P Mechanics
  • IA
  • Hydroforming
  • Metal Forming
  • Stretch Forming
  • CNC machining
  • Speciality Parts Work
  • Welding Metals and Plastics

FBO / Maintenance

  • AG Aircraft - GA Aircraft
  • Annuals
  • 100 Hour
  • PT-6 Certified Mechanic
  • Weight and Balance
  • Hot Section Inspections
  • A & P Mechanics / IA Services
  • Fuel Sales - 100 LL and Jet A
  • Hangar Storage

Our Products

  • Warbird Parts Fabrication
  • Mustang & T-6 Tailwheels
  • Martin Clip STC
  • Superboom for Agricultural Spraying
  • Hinz Filter
  • Aileron Servo STC
  • Mustang Prop Blade STC
  • Much more

What we are all about

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